Sep 13, 2011

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Sep 10, 2011



“Advertising is the greatest art form of the twentieth century.

Marshall McLuhan

Sasha Grey for PeTA

Flickr Outdoor

8 out of 10

Sep 9, 2011

Alternative Guerilla Marketing

Come and Get it Papi

The wild and the savage mind would deliver a message that is fundamentally sexier than sexuality itself. The image of Sisley is described with a rather extremist expression as we saw in previous examples. Sisley shows how it's impossible to overdo wildness.

8.5 out of 10


"I regard a great ad as the most beautiful thing in the world."

Leo Burnett

FOXY Winehouse Ad

7.5 out of 10

Yoga for ALL!

You and Ahmadi Nejad deserve some rest. 
Take it easy with yoga and meditate!

8.5 out of 10

Designed to Thrill (Audi)


8 out of 10

London Fog Photo shoot

7.5 out of 10


"Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art."

William Bernbach

Sep 8, 2011

Greenpeace Campaign

Sep 7, 2011

Be Stupid Vol.5

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9 out of 10

Honest Logos vol.2

Go Forth! (Pro-Democracy)

  The Levi's America spot sets the tone for the new Go Forth campaign: America is going through a challenging time, but the American spirit of self-reliance will persevere. The spot was directed by a young American filmmakers, Cary Fukunaga. The audio used in the commercial is widely believed to be an original wax recording of Walt Whitman reading four lines of his 1888.

9 out of 10


"What do women want?" The only thing I have learned in fifty-two years is that women want men to stop asking dumb questions like that." 

Sigmund Freud

Folgers' Outdoor

Durex - The Long Drive

For long long drive.