May 20, 2010

Green Car of the Year: Audi A3 TDI Clean Diesel

"Truth in Engineering" is the slogan of Audi. In the last decade we could notice that the brand is very accurate in terms of targeting the right audience. We saw Audi' product placement in certain hollywood movies like iRobot, Transporter 2, 3 and now it is in Iron Man. Audi does not have a fancy look at all, but it creates its BADASS image through the correct and specific marketing and advertising strategies.

This particular commercial is a SuperBowl monster. The reason for it is that unlike all other brands Audi rejects to rely on the positivity of the green image, but rather they prefer to make an entertaining video with an intellectual extremism that has an exceedingly positive utopian message (e.g. Avatar), where people and even the police is literally arrested for ecological crime on a very small scale. If you decide to reach the peak point in environmental issues, this is how you do it. I don't believe that it could go even further than this for any other brand. The last but not least is the ending where everybody is stuck in their car because of the "eco check" and the police lets the special car go. Victory is passing them all and right after that it says "being green never felt so right".

10 out of 10