May 21, 2010

Pac-Man's 30th Birthday


It is quite known that video games' negative influence on children is being studied by many communication researchers. Although it is possible to understand the reason of the games studied these days. It is because of the combination of violence and reality, which reached to its extreme levels in terms of technology. However, the question of negative influence on kids was already asked to the creator of one of the first video games ever made. It was the legendary pac-man that is still played today. When the researchers asked the creator if he thinks there is any type of negative influence on the youth he replied: "No. If there were any type of negative influence of the game on the kids in 20 years when they grow they would run around and pop pills." Now if you look at the youth that attends certain electronic festivals or the youth that prefers IBIZA as a vacation spot, it is not a rare thing to see a person that would pop couple of pills and run around thanks to the live performance of famous DJs.