May 18, 2010

You save trees, so Starbucks saves money.

Starbucks works on its quite effective marketing project called Shared Planet. The location is the crowded metropolitan, where people simply won't survive without certain amount of caffeine. I have noticed that Starbucks prefers to deliver collectivistic messages rather than individualistic. In other words, it used be "I am", "She is" or Starbucks is, but now it clearly became "we are in this together" type of message. It is not only the green project, but also the detailed collectivistic sentences as: “One person can save trees, together we can save forests” or “You and Starbucks, It’s bigger than coffee” made this video even more powerful and effective.This is a great project that will positively effect the green image of the brand. You could see the carefully picked shots of happy people of various ages in the video, which represent the joy of the collectivistic movement. However, it is not a global movement as they put it towards the end of the video because this event happened only in NYC and this video is not spread enough on TV or online around the world.

7 out of 10