Jun 22, 2010


Tell the audience what you're going to say, say it; then tell them what you've said. - Dale Carnegie

Jun 18, 2010

Keep Playing

It is well known that the advertising in airports is extremely expensive especially if it is a touristic city. Visitors are visiting simply to spend money and the very first advertising they see gives them an idea and sometimes guides them about touristic orientation. This is an advertising in Venice, which is beautifully combined with the most important section of the airport. This is literally communication with the visitor and it goes like this: Welcome to Venice. Please take your luggage and visit the Venice Casino to play some roulette.

Slogan: Keep Playing

9 out of 10

iPhone 4

Apple says it and AT&T took orders for more than 600,000 of its new iPhone 4. It was the largest number of orders Apple has taken in one day, and far more than anticipated, Apple says. (USA Today)

The founders of Capitalism would be proud of this product. This is revolution again by Apple. It's time to change the stereotype of the Japanese having the most developed technology. We are thankful Steve!

Addiction is slavery

The French Anti-Tobacco Organizations focus on creativity of the ad so that it could be as powerful as the pro-tobacco ads. We can see symbolically powerful details: the businessman's hairy hand on the youngster's head, the sexuality is the oral sex performed by the youngster. This ad would convince the youth better than a picture of an smoked up lung. The story is not about the health issues, but rather the addiction that turns the smoker into a slave of the tobacco industry.

8 out of 10

Jun 14, 2010

Write the Future - NikeFootball

Social Media Marketing leader is Nike for the World Cup even though the brand is neither a sponsor nor a partner. In an article of USA Today it is stated "Social-media monitoring firm Meltwater Buzz looked at online buzz May 24 through Thursday for 11 top sponsors, partners and other key marketers and found outsider Nike had 26% vs. 20% for Adidas, a FIFA partner, and 11% for Sony, also a partner. Credit Nike's "Write the Future" soccer ad that launched May 20 on Facebook, says spokesman Derek Kent. It's had over 15 million YouTube views.

8.5 out of 10

Jun 13, 2010

The Shit is Leaking


The letters BP does not stand for British Petroleum anymore, but instead it could be called Big Problem or Bad Planning. The world is watching one nice PR show by the CEO Tony Hayward. But what does the real logo of BP look like? It is a green flower, it is a logo with a powerful environmental symbolism although there is nothing environmental left about the brand anymore. So Greenpeace and other organizations made several anti-BP logo contests. Some of them are quite entertaining and communicating.

7 out of 10


This advertising technique is a very risky one and I am sure it would not work for many other brands. Though if you put the lighting the right way, pick the ideal couch and the right "badass" businessman you would be easily understood. This is one of the most entertaining ads one could ever experience. When the viewer sees the brand "Bentley" he/she thinks twice before judging its advertising campaign and so the brave Bentley, here, chose to say "we don't labor the point" !

9 out of 10

Jun 11, 2010


"Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds and fanatics." - C.J. Keyser

Jun 10, 2010

The Secret Formula


This is where the secret formula of Coca Cola is hidden. I am not serious about this but the picture is seriously cool. Coca Cola started taking advantage of this mysteriousness of secrecy of their formula and so this is a part of their ad campaign. The secret formula is so crucial that when the owners of the company have to take a business trip by plane they do it separately in case one of them dies in a plane crash and the other one is still alive. There are very few people who know the secret formula and probably the few people are the two partners.

Open Happiness
Coca Cola

Jun 9, 2010

Just a Problem and then a Problematic Problem.


If you have a an ex-wife, you have a problem, however the problem is even more problematic when you have to face your ex-wife along with her lawyer. So the explanation involves some sense of specific humour and it delivers the message. Aspirina transforms to CafiAspirina - If it gets stronger, we get stronger.

7 out of 10

Jun 8, 2010



Das Auto


CPR help

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure for people in cardiac arrest or, in some circumstances, respiratory arrest.CPR is performed both in hospitals and in pre-hospital settings. In my opinion Europeans chose the very ideal way to truly reach the audience about such a crucial topic.

9 out of 10

Jun 4, 2010

CNN power

It is even in the restaurants, it is everywhere. It is interactive with new media and new technology. The whole concept is being explained in the video so enjoy!

9 out of 10


T-Box is one of the brands in Turkey distributed by Boyner. It is a brand that focuses on its marketing and advertising campaigns more than on the variety or the quality of its product. For example, a t-shirt is packed the way that the other companies would refuse to pack it like that. It reminds me the Johnnie Walker's bottle physique in terms of efficiency. This ad is quite entertaining and it is a reminder for us that the target is the youth and sex sells.

8 out of 10

Jun 3, 2010


The length of the commercial is only 40 seconds. There is only one dialogue, which consists of one word "Sorry". It is the apology for perfection: "We are sorry for being perfect." The message is so clear that one would think it cannot go further than that in terms of safety on your way. Congratulations for the German perfectionists.

10 out of 10

Jun 1, 2010



"The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage." - Thucydides

I would enjoy to read a slogan as powerful as this quote by the great Greek historian. It enlightens me, it illuminates me.