Jul 31, 2010

Money Tree

People of Sydney woke up one day and saw a tree that grows money. The marketing is so great one cannot comment on it. If one does comment it would take pages of this blog starting from the love of human beings to a piece of paper. The most attractive outdoor advertising would be finding a tree with cash. Enjoy the meal.

8 out of 10 

Jul 26, 2010


"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing." - John D. Rockefeller

It is not about being the best product in the market. This is the reason advertising exists.

Logo Evolution Vol.1: Alfa Romeo

The first logo of the Italian automobile company was rather different than the ones later. After the first one the logos are almost the same except the last one removed "Milano". Althouh the most shocking thing about the Alfa Romeo logo (which is not noticed by many) that differs it from many other logos in the world is the snake that is either giving birth or eating the humanbeing. There are historical theories and findings of this particular symbolism. It was one of the preferred symbols of the elite. Today it can be seen in Silvio Berlusconi's yard. Theoretically thinking, one may conclude that the symbol helped to achieve the demanded success and progress because since the second logo it stayed the same to this day.


Hermes is the messenger of the Gods, God of commerce, thieves, border crossings in Greek mythology. However, surprisingly, the brand name did not come from the Greek God, it is actually the name of the founder Thierry Hermes. It was established in 1837 and  the company won its prize in its class at the Paris Exposition 1855.

The clients of Hermes today are still captivated thanks to its marketing and brand management. The logo is very communicating with the royal phaeton. In addition the advertising still proceeds the cultural aspects of royalty as on this example. It is not about lifestyle of the elite or the rich , but rather it is the image of the wealthy aristocracy. Accessories and jewelry for the horse are displayed comprehensively on this ad.

7.5 out of 10

Jul 23, 2010

Wrong Condom - Father's Day

Optimistically thinking, becoming a father all of a sudden has positive sides as well. If you use the wrong condome, you are welcome to celebrate the Father's day. This bullying sense of humour by Durex is the way the brand takes advantage of being so involved with sex, which becomes an even more rational activity if the right condome is used.

8 out of 10

Jul 22, 2010


"The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” - Nikola Tesla

Advertisers are social scientists. In advertising it is usually a necessity to think clear rather than deep for creating an idea that is easy-communicating.

Viagra power

She enters the room and drops her purse.
He is laying on a luxurious bear fur.
Lots of wood and this romantic fire?
Oh it will be burning for a while...

8 out of 10

Don't talk while he drives

This advertising technique carries the clear message about the auto-catastrophies that occur from speaking on the cell phone while driving. There is a high possibility for the ad to be especially targeted to irrational telephone speeches of "girlfriends", because the slogan is "don't talk while he drives" and the majority of the ads made by this agency have a female talking on the phone. The person, who answers the phone while driving is also irrational unless he keeps the conversation short by explaining the reason. If there is any criticism for sexism, they most probably have an answer with statistics and studies about the issue.

7.5 out of 10

3D advertising

Top Gear magazine provides its readers a rare experience of reading a 3D magazine. The question is: is he really an angel who always considers the readers or is he surving exotics to the advertisers? One should not be surprised if the ads are more 3D than the regular automobile pictures, because advertisers are always well-prepared. Jeremy Clarkson enjoys another win-win strategy for all.

Jul 19, 2010


“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” - Confucius

In advertising, we call them Logos.

Jul 17, 2010

B-a-a-a-d (oh the 70s)

The advertising of 1970s became a guide or an orientation tool for the next generation advertisers. Similar to the 60s, the 70s continued the construction of culture or simply reinforcing the already constructed. The brand name is Macho, the slogan is "it's baaad" and the shape of the bottle is clearly sexual and succesful.

7 out of 10

Jul 13, 2010

A humanbeing on a Billboard?

The 3G technology was first almost bought by Turkcell in an auction when the market for cellular corporations was weak and Turkcell was nearly considered a monopoly. After a certain period of time an attack of the two new corporations as Avea and Vodafone occured. Unlike Avea, Vodafone started to show its power thanks its global reputation and experience. Finally the 3G technology was decided to be sold to everybody for a fair free market, a market of competition. Clearly the next step was to introduce and convince the audience about the speed. There were various creative advertising strategies. It literally was a marketing war of giants. This example of Vodafone is one that I saw in Maslak, Istanbul, where the traffic is intense. There was a real person on a billboard that was pretty up high. I passed two times he was still there sitting with a laptop that represents the speed of the internet. There was no person that day on that road, who wouldn't pay attention to that particular billboard. It was conceptually spectacular.

9 out of 10

Jul 6, 2010


“If advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising then they wouldn't have to advertise them.” - Will Rogers

I find this quote quite funny and entertaining, however it was said by a comedian not by a businessman. Here is a reply from an unknown businessman:

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”

Anti BP Logo Contest

This redesigned BP logo symbolizes not only the environmental and ecological problem, but also its negative effect on the industries that play a major role in the system of contemporary capitalism.

This one is very powerful as well for using the green logo of BP as a tear of the Indian that protected and appreciated the nature. His face is black and white and the tear is green. This tactic may be more powerful for being connotative when referring to the nature rather than denotative as putting direct nature symbolism as a black bird, ocean and so on.

Jul 5, 2010

Horror Ad

This is an extremely creative ad to promote a horror and thriller films channel. It is in a toilet of a nightclub in Hamburg, Germany. Whenever someone enters the restroom the lights suddenly go off and the person sees the bloody crime scene on the floor and the walls thanks to the special black light. "13th street - See what others don't see" . Very interactive and entertaining.

9 out of 10

Don R8

This commercial is clearly inspired from the classic of the cinema history the Godfather. It is easy to target men with such a powerful mafia story. Although the viewers are not sure if it is the don or one of his men, the power is exhibited so well you don't even consider extra nuances. It is important to remind that it is risky to be inspired from a movie because most of the time it would be considered a cheap move to borrow the power of already existing, however if it is done so perfectly we can only congratulate. Audi made us an offer, we can't refuse.

8 out of 10