Jul 13, 2010

A humanbeing on a Billboard?

The 3G technology was first almost bought by Turkcell in an auction when the market for cellular corporations was weak and Turkcell was nearly considered a monopoly. After a certain period of time an attack of the two new corporations as Avea and Vodafone occured. Unlike Avea, Vodafone started to show its power thanks its global reputation and experience. Finally the 3G technology was decided to be sold to everybody for a fair free market, a market of competition. Clearly the next step was to introduce and convince the audience about the speed. There were various creative advertising strategies. It literally was a marketing war of giants. This example of Vodafone is one that I saw in Maslak, Istanbul, where the traffic is intense. There was a real person on a billboard that was pretty up high. I passed two times he was still there sitting with a laptop that represents the speed of the internet. There was no person that day on that road, who wouldn't pay attention to that particular billboard. It was conceptually spectacular.

9 out of 10