Oct 27, 2010

Jacob Riis
The man who was the first to prove photography can reform.

Oct 26, 2010

We're All the Same, but different.

This is how a powerful brand  as VW associates itself with Utopia. This is an extremely impressive work by Rokkit Productions.

10 out of 10
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Banned Ads vol.1

Tom Ford

Advertisers are not surprised when such ads receive too much negative reaction. It is not something unexpected for them, however in some cases it's worth trying the chance and even if it is banned from TV, it does not mean it is completely banned in mass media. These banned commercials or advertisements catch the attention of the internet users. There is freedom in internet and people enjoy consuming and sharing the banned material. This will be a series of banned works of giant corporations so enjoy the web freedom.

Beer Ad Formula

The application of the typical beer ad formula:
Real Men = Beer = Miller

Oct 25, 2010

Ridiculous Waste

Oct 23, 2010



 "Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense."   

Chapman Cohen

Audi and Mountain Bikes

Cartoon Network on a mission

Vivacious Colors

Canon knows it is not easy to be in the printer market especially with such a giant as HP that is trying to almost monopolize the printer business. Thus Canon needs to deliver the specific message for the audience not only be interested in the brand, but also ignore the other giant. They did this with a rather simple idea. Since the consumer ignores how the colors work, Canon interprets the process of printing as colorful and visually magical. So there is a world of colors where they unite to create the lively picture you want to print. This video must be watched HD for your eyes' meditation.

08 out of 10

Oct 21, 2010

Tesla ideology


Non-branded film for an IBM exhibition in Paris.

The independent director Daniel Levi has created a stunning non-branded film for IBM, a coming-of-age film that explores our relationship with electricity. Levi has left the superheroics to one side, instead concentrating on strong emotion and cinematic beauty. Shot on location in Cape Town, the film features local acting talent and some very clever in-camera trickery. Despite featuring no dialogue, the film tells a powerful story – rendered all the more powerful thanks to a stirring soundtrack composed by musician Simon Ringrose.

Oct 14, 2010

Opulence, I has it

Oct 11, 2010

Guzel.. Daha Guzel.. Harikulade Guzel

Sex and Alcohol

  The colors selected for this ad campaign may easily be considered favorite colors of advertisers. Yellow, red and blue have exceedingly rich symbolism and they are a quite popular topic for social and psychological studies. The very shininess and simplicity of its message can clearly attract a magazine reader. 

8 out of 10

Oct 10, 2010

"Stories with the full background"


Advertising Agency : DDB&Co.
Istanbul, Turkey

CNN is not the first to use the "rip the paper" technique on a billboard, but may be the first rip-paper to be this effective. The reason is that the two layers of paper is only the technique for an advertising campaign so there is also a necessity for the idea that will fit the technique.  The facts and two opposite sides of the story or simply factual brave news reporting. CNN Turk's slogan clearly explains the message : "Stories with the full background".

9 out of 10

Oct 9, 2010

What the fcuk is Psychographics?

It is "dividing markets into segments on the basis of consumer lifestyles, attitudes and interests" (Peter and Olson).

What is all that Jazz?

. open-ended music designed for open minds.
It is the reason why the luxury marketers prefer Jazz to promote the very hedonist ideology to the "open minds".

Jazz Capital Baku

Jazz is clearly one of the most preferred genres in luxury marketing for the last few decades thanks to its communication and the associations with nobleness. It is a genre with a rich history around the globe. Jazz was and still is world famous, but during the period when media was not developed enough to share the art globally the musicians had to make intense research to follow it. "Stalin decided to prohibit jazz throughout the Soviet Union, by labeling it music of the capitalists.* However, the universality of jazz made many musicians spread the music to particularly the intellectual audience even during the Soviet Era with the Iron Curtain. The jazz movement in Baku was begun by the 1950s. Baku became one of the three jazz capitals in the USSR. So don't miss the October jazz fest in the jazz capital.

Oct 7, 2010

Most of Kate Moss' pleasure

YSL does not create anything conceptually new in this commercial. The reason is that certain products with certain audiences need to stay stable in terms of image, message or branding in general but at the same time it is a cheap move to have cliches in a commercial.  Therefore, YSL follows the tradition and reinforces the cultural aspect of French perfume and hedonism by making strong associations with Paris. Even the French literature includes world-famous works in which perfume plays an important role. The story describes the magic of an odor by showing Moss' orgasm in the car.

The pink rose is the nuance that connects and relates every detail to each other. The rose may symbolize love, but it is not the romantic love story, instead it is the love of love. The smell of the rose is enough for an orgasm in an automobile, so there is no need for a male character. The commodity fetishism along with commodity feminism are the philosophies to sell. Finally, the rose as a flower is used to associate Parisienne to something natural and unique so it is easier for the audience to receive the message.

"living and loving in the moment"

Flinstones and Winston?

Oct 5, 2010

Baku Jazz Festival

... for all the readers in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Montreux Festival winner Isfar Sarabski and reformed New York jazz-rock band L'Image are amongst the highlights of this year's Baku Jazz Festival.
Other big names on the festival program include Japanese jazz pianist Keiko Matsui, American jazz fusion guitarist Al Di Meola and American jazz singer Dianne Reeves.
The festival will run from 16 to 30 October and is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Sweet production company.
For detailed info visit:

Oct 4, 2010

Converse - Join The Procession

Converse is famous for its global targeting strategies. The targeting strategies are directed to the youth. This era of Web 2.0 is beneficial for brands as Converse, because the participatory nature of the internet motivates the youth to share almost anything that impresses them. Thus, such video commercial will easily be popular if it includes the correct nuances and associations, but most importantly the "coolness".

This commercial does not have words, but there is Rock n Roll that communicates with the youth more effectively than words. It has all the sports that play a major role in the street culture: bmx freestylers, skaters etc. However, basketball is a bit distinguished for the historic involvement of Converse in the NBA. The most important part of the story is the collectivistic activity in which everybody is so involved that all the stores and barbershops are empty for a while. It is almost a ritual of Converse religion. So Converse reinforces the cultural aspect of it - the music, the stars, the streets, the street sports and the youth.

9 out of 10

Oct 3, 2010

The Sexiest Virgin!

Oct 2, 2010

the Mad Man is now an Ad Man

Roger Sterling is a philandering, racist, boozing, schmoozing ad executive on AMC's hit Mad Men.
While he's fictitious, the silver-haired actor who plays the adman on TV, John Slattery, is about to be a real adman. He'll be pitchman for a new Boomer-oriented Lincoln campaign launching Saturday.
Slattery, a veteran character actor now best-known for his role in the Mad Men series, plays it pretty low-key in the ads. He is seen walking around and behind the wheel, muttering a few words about Lincoln's technological progress.
"We like his sophistication, his tonality," says Matt VanDyke, Lincoln's U.S. marketing communications manager. "What we did not want is some superstar celebrity on the cover of the tabloids."
He stresses that Lincoln hired Slattery, "absolutely not Roger Sterling. We're not tying into Mad Men." Still, viewers may make the connection.
VanDyke says Slattery makes sense because the luxury-car market is largely buyers in their 50s. And he says Lincoln is unconcerned that Slattery's Mad Men character is not exactly a model citizen.
Slattery is "more like a guy like me can relate to than Brad Pitt," Wangers says. "(Lincoln is) admitting, for once, that young, hip, cool guys in west Los Angeles are not driving Lincolns."
The TV ads start airing during NBC's coverage of the Ryder Cup golf tournament.
 USA Today


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