Oct 4, 2010

Converse - Join The Procession

Converse is famous for its global targeting strategies. The targeting strategies are directed to the youth. This era of Web 2.0 is beneficial for brands as Converse, because the participatory nature of the internet motivates the youth to share almost anything that impresses them. Thus, such video commercial will easily be popular if it includes the correct nuances and associations, but most importantly the "coolness".

This commercial does not have words, but there is Rock n Roll that communicates with the youth more effectively than words. It has all the sports that play a major role in the street culture: bmx freestylers, skaters etc. However, basketball is a bit distinguished for the historic involvement of Converse in the NBA. The most important part of the story is the collectivistic activity in which everybody is so involved that all the stores and barbershops are empty for a while. It is almost a ritual of Converse religion. So Converse reinforces the cultural aspect of it - the music, the stars, the streets, the street sports and the youth.

9 out of 10