Oct 2, 2010

the Mad Man is now an Ad Man

Roger Sterling is a philandering, racist, boozing, schmoozing ad executive on AMC's hit Mad Men.
While he's fictitious, the silver-haired actor who plays the adman on TV, John Slattery, is about to be a real adman. He'll be pitchman for a new Boomer-oriented Lincoln campaign launching Saturday.
Slattery, a veteran character actor now best-known for his role in the Mad Men series, plays it pretty low-key in the ads. He is seen walking around and behind the wheel, muttering a few words about Lincoln's technological progress.
"We like his sophistication, his tonality," says Matt VanDyke, Lincoln's U.S. marketing communications manager. "What we did not want is some superstar celebrity on the cover of the tabloids."
He stresses that Lincoln hired Slattery, "absolutely not Roger Sterling. We're not tying into Mad Men." Still, viewers may make the connection.
VanDyke says Slattery makes sense because the luxury-car market is largely buyers in their 50s. And he says Lincoln is unconcerned that Slattery's Mad Men character is not exactly a model citizen.
Slattery is "more like a guy like me can relate to than Brad Pitt," Wangers says. "(Lincoln is) admitting, for once, that young, hip, cool guys in west Los Angeles are not driving Lincolns."
The TV ads start airing during NBC's coverage of the Ryder Cup golf tournament.
 USA Today