Oct 7, 2010

Most of Kate Moss' pleasure

YSL does not create anything conceptually new in this commercial. The reason is that certain products with certain audiences need to stay stable in terms of image, message or branding in general but at the same time it is a cheap move to have cliches in a commercial.  Therefore, YSL follows the tradition and reinforces the cultural aspect of French perfume and hedonism by making strong associations with Paris. Even the French literature includes world-famous works in which perfume plays an important role. The story describes the magic of an odor by showing Moss' orgasm in the car.

The pink rose is the nuance that connects and relates every detail to each other. The rose may symbolize love, but it is not the romantic love story, instead it is the love of love. The smell of the rose is enough for an orgasm in an automobile, so there is no need for a male character. The commodity fetishism along with commodity feminism are the philosophies to sell. Finally, the rose as a flower is used to associate Parisienne to something natural and unique so it is easier for the audience to receive the message.

"living and loving in the moment"