Psychographics is "the use of psychological, sociological, anthropological factors to construct market segments" (Solomon). It is "dividing markets into segments on the basis of consumer lifestyles, attitudes and interests" (Peter and Olson). "In fact psychographics and lifestyle are frequently used interchangeably. Psychographic research attempts to place consumers on psychological - as opposed to purely demographic - dimensions" (Hawkins, Best & Coney,1995). This concept is crucial for figuring out the consumer behavior in global advertising and marketing. 

  Think of Psychographics as a field of marketing and advertising and Psychographism as an ideology that is created by us. Think of this blog as one big advertisement that has the grand selection of interrelated advertisements within it.

There are more opinions than facts in this blog as it is the world of advertising that we plan to describe.These are the following examples of published ads after psychographic perspectives.

... for the sake of inexpressible reality, 
all for for the sake of advertising!